Read this.

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1. You’re all amazing women, and doing an amazing job. Whether you’ve had pop-ups over 1K and smashed your fast start goals, or haven’t made a sale yet, I’m proud of you! Taking the leap to purchase that kit is the first step! True story: I didn’t make many sales during my fast start. I had 1 pop-up and it hit $800 and I was happy with that. It took me awhile to get used to this idea and really dive into C+I. (I didn’t want to be one of those “direct sales girls” and I didn’t do a good job taking this seriously for the first few months). The biggest piece of advice I have for you? Consistency + patience. There are going to be good months and not-so-good months. Just stick with it. Maybe your goal is to get 1 sale every month. PERFECT! Don’t give up. Start small if you have to.

2. Getting started can feel like a lot of work. I remember that. The academy, the calls to listen to, learning the system, getting customers… but remember that’s what I’m here for and that’s what we are all here for as a team. Share your boutique people with friends and family. Start there! It’s okay if you don’t hit huge fast start goals. It’s okay if all you have time to do right now is figure out what your boutique URL is! It’s okay if you’re feeling like “ah, maybe I bought my kit at a bad time”. Call me, text me, message me, post on our Facebook page – no question is too silly or too small!

3. Support one another. I have made such amazing friends through C+I. Friend each other on Facebook (if you want). Follow each other on Insta. Share your emails. Share your cell #’s. Learn about each other’s lives. You’re going to make new friends and that part of being a merchandiser means way more than sales.

Thanks for reading and being a part of The Movement! xo