Ideas for Pop-up Locations

Need an idea for where to host your next pop-up? Need suggestions for a hostess who is unsure?

  • Pop-up in a park (“trunk” show)
  • Coffee shop/cafe
  • Salon (hair, nail)
  • Your home
  • Hostesses home
  • Backyard bash
  • Wine bar
  • Local restaurant
  • Yoga studio
  • Bridal store
  • Local gym
  •  Your office “break room”
  • Ice cream shop
  • Library
  • Bookstore
  • Pop-up on the go

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What Makes a Great Hostess

In my experience as a merchandiser, these are some of the things that I have noticed that make up a great hostess! A lot of the qualities are the same for online and in-person hostess success. What have you found that has made a great hostess?

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  1. Outgoing. Isn’t afraid to talk to people or put herself out there.
  2. Connected. Has a great network of friends and family but also isn’t shy about reaching out to people outside of her network.
  3. Loves C+I. Encourage your hostess to make a wishlist so that she feels motivated by all of the hostess rewards she is going to get. I love when my hostess posts selfies too and shares her love of the jewelry!
  4. Is engaged. The best hostesses (especially online!) are engaged in the pop-up. Showing guests jewelry, going the extra mile to tell someone to try something on, tagging people in posts, sharing her excitement!
  5. Plans ahead. Spread the word about her pop-up even before the day gets here so her friends/family/coworkers are excited!

So, you got your starter kit. Now what?

starter kit

Step 1. Put it all on. (wink wink) Or at least try it all on. Fall in love.
Step 2. Take a selfie.
Step 3. Post selfie on Facebook/Instagram with your boutique link.
Step 4. Send emails to your friends and family telling them about your business. Sample email here.
Step 5. Make a list of people who you think would be great hostesses.
Step 6. Book your first pop-up!

Somewhere in there call or text Mandi about how things are going! 

Shout Out Your Business! (email template)

original (3)

Sample email to send to friends and family to shout out your business! Be sure to personalize it in a way that sounds like “you”, and include an image and your boutique link! Make it easy for them to support you! Also, this is a great time to book a few of your first hostesses!

Hello friends/family[you can send emails as a group but I recommend sending individual ones!]
I wanted to share my latest endeavor with you. I took a big risk and launched my own jewelry business through a company called Chloe + Isabel! I have always been passionate about fashion and I decided that I am at a point in my life where I am ready and excited to do something about it!
You can check out my boutique here: [insert your boutique link here]
insert something personal about how things are going with you, ask a few questions about how things are going with them… etc.
I hope everything is well with you! So are you up for being my first sale on this crazy new adventure!? Are you shopping for any birthdays/holidays right now? Also, if you are falling in love with multiple pieces I’d love for you to be my first hostesses and you can earn tons of free jewelry! The rewards are incredible! Let’s set a date!
Thanks in advance!
your name

Our (amazing) Team

The Movement is like a little family. We are made up of amazing women from all over the world but together we support one another and we always lift each other up. Our Facebook page is a great place to reach out when you’re struggling (whether with your business or life in general). It is also a place to ask questions and dream. I love seeing you shout your goals out and I love when we all celebrate one another’s successes.
Facebook not your jam? Connect with one another via our own personal Slack channel here. (Let me know if you need an invitation). Slack is a messaging app that I find to be super fun!
I also love getting to see your faces on Google hangouts so keep your eyes open for when we are having those! There are so many ways for us to connect. Don’t forget about all of the great resources on the Merch Perch.
I want you to be friends with one another, and answer each others questions when I’m not there. I hope you support each other and spread positive and love throughout our team. I hope you share with others the meaning of the “Friendship Philosophy” and how that connects to our brand as Chloe + Isabel.

Joining Chloe + Isabel for me, has meant so much more than selling jewelry, hitting sales goals, and learning about being an entrepreneur. I have met the most incredible women throughout this journey and I am so thankful! Thanks for being here! xo

Why ‘The Movement’


I thought I’d share a little bit on what I chose our team name to be “The Movement”. I went through a lot of options. We were encouraged as leaders to connect our team name to our values and that is what led me to “The Movement”. The following words are values that I believe in and hope that our team is centered around: adventure, energy, community, enthusiasm, support.
Additionally, I feel my best when I am moving forward. I love to run. I love to set high goals for myself. I love to support others in reaching their goals. I believe in order to smash goals, we have to keep moving forward.
On another note, I am involved with a community called The Niche Movement, which has taught me a lot about finding the work that I love. Life is too short not to love your job, and Chloe + Isabel has taught me so much about what makes me happy and what I am looking for in a career.

And so, the name “The Movement” was born. Keep moving forward ladies and welcome to The Movement. xo