So Much Thankful

Saturday thoughts 💓💓 SO DAMN THANKFUL.

These dainty bracelets came in the mail today and omg I’m never taking them off.

Also, a friend of mine from high school text me 📲today asking about becoming a merchandiser and it made me think about a few things….

1. I LOVE YOU ALL. Our little team is so much fun and I really love how supportive you all are of one another. #candithemovement
2. I LOVE THIS COMPANY AND COMMUNITY. How cool that we are so different than other direct sales companies. That we empower and support one another. 👯 I love how when I moved to Fresno I thought, I wonder what other merchies live here – not because competition crossed my mind but because I knew they’d be instant friends!! #candifamily
3. OUR INCENTIVES. I was telling my friend about how much this company spoils us with jewelry credit and incentives and wow. I love that we earn free jewelry credit to invest back into our businesses and we get paid!!! #candispoiled
4. THE FLEXIBILITY. I run my business while also having a fun time career. Many of you have careers and kids! Some of you are stay at home moms. Some of you aspire to stay at home and c+i is your means to make that happen. This opportunity allows us to do all that! #candiwhy
5. THE KICK-ASS STARTER KIT. All that for $175 🎉Whatttttt! I’m sharing this pic in case you ever have someone asking about being a merchie – you can search “starter kit” in this group and it’ll popup. #candimerchie

End rant. Thanks for always listening ❤️❤️ ((hugs))


C+I Why

Have you spent time defining your C+I Why? Do you share your why with your customers, family, and friends? It is a powerful part of your business that will help you reach goals and connect with your network.


If you haven’t already, I’d love for you to share your why with our team here. You can put your name on it, or you can leave it blank. I love hearing how we all ended up on this journey together and I think it’s cool to read one another’s why’s!


Under the Academy, it is a great deal to refresh your C+I why often! It is okay if it changes. You can do that here:

Our (amazing) Team

The Movement is like a little family. We are made up of amazing women from all over the world but together we support one another and we always lift each other up. Our Facebook page is a great place to reach out when you’re struggling (whether with your business or life in general). It is also a place to ask questions and dream. I love seeing you shout your goals out and I love when we all celebrate one another’s successes.
Facebook not your jam? Connect with one another via our own personal Slack channel here. (Let me know if you need an invitation). Slack is a messaging app that I find to be super fun!
I also love getting to see your faces on Google hangouts so keep your eyes open for when we are having those! There are so many ways for us to connect. Don’t forget about all of the great resources on the Merch Perch.
I want you to be friends with one another, and answer each others questions when I’m not there. I hope you support each other and spread positive and love throughout our team. I hope you share with others the meaning of the “Friendship Philosophy” and how that connects to our brand as Chloe + Isabel.

Joining Chloe + Isabel for me, has meant so much more than selling jewelry, hitting sales goals, and learning about being an entrepreneur. I have met the most incredible women throughout this journey and I am so thankful! Thanks for being here! xo

Why ‘The Movement’


I thought I’d share a little bit on what I chose our team name to be “The Movement”. I went through a lot of options. We were encouraged as leaders to connect our team name to our values and that is what led me to “The Movement”. The following words are values that I believe in and hope that our team is centered around: adventure, energy, community, enthusiasm, support.
Additionally, I feel my best when I am moving forward. I love to run. I love to set high goals for myself. I love to support others in reaching their goals. I believe in order to smash goals, we have to keep moving forward.
On another note, I am involved with a community called The Niche Movement, which has taught me a lot about finding the work that I love. Life is too short not to love your job, and Chloe + Isabel has taught me so much about what makes me happy and what I am looking for in a career.

And so, the name “The Movement” was born. Keep moving forward ladies and welcome to The Movement. xo