Wrapping Up Online Pop-Ups

Hilda asked about strategies and creating urgency at the end of online pop-ups.

  • I love to use countdown posts like “5 hours left to order” with a eye-catching image.
  • Another thing I”ll do is say “<hostess name> is only 2 pairs of studs away from the next level of hostess rewards! Who is going to bump her to the next level!?”
  • Also, I usually play this “game” the last day and I feel like it creates good vibes and warm&fuzzies about the hostess and I’ll say “comment below with something you love about <hostess name> as the text and then I post this image:

The fortune is in the follow up!
I mostly check in with the hostess and put it on her to get to that next level, whatever it is. Usually I suggest things like showing friends at work, emailing people who might not be on facebook, etc. sometimes they’ll place an order in their own party to get themselves there. I also reminder her that her link is “magic” and she can share it with whoever she wants however she wants and anyone who shops using it earns her rewards. Thats why I usually shorten the link using bit.ly so it’s easier for the hostess to share/remember.


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