So Much Thankful

Saturday thoughts 💓💓 SO DAMN THANKFUL.

These dainty bracelets came in the mail today and omg I’m never taking them off.

Also, a friend of mine from high school text me 📲today asking about becoming a merchandiser and it made me think about a few things….

1. I LOVE YOU ALL. Our little team is so much fun and I really love how supportive you all are of one another. #candithemovement
2. I LOVE THIS COMPANY AND COMMUNITY. How cool that we are so different than other direct sales companies. That we empower and support one another. 👯 I love how when I moved to Fresno I thought, I wonder what other merchies live here – not because competition crossed my mind but because I knew they’d be instant friends!! #candifamily
3. OUR INCENTIVES. I was telling my friend about how much this company spoils us with jewelry credit and incentives and wow. I love that we earn free jewelry credit to invest back into our businesses and we get paid!!! #candispoiled
4. THE FLEXIBILITY. I run my business while also having a fun time career. Many of you have careers and kids! Some of you are stay at home moms. Some of you aspire to stay at home and c+i is your means to make that happen. This opportunity allows us to do all that! #candiwhy
5. THE KICK-ASS STARTER KIT. All that for $175 🎉Whatttttt! I’m sharing this pic in case you ever have someone asking about being a merchie – you can search “starter kit” in this group and it’ll popup. #candimerchie

End rant. Thanks for always listening ❤️❤️ ((hugs))


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