A Hair Accessories Weekend

I was on the phone with Lindsay Marie Anderson last night and we were talking about how there are soo many collections and it’s hard to know what to highlight or what that popup is going to go crazy over. (Good problem to have, right!) I once had a popup where after I posted about birthstone rings, that’s all anyone ordered haha!

The new Jen Atkin pieces launch on 3/13/17 TUESDAY AT 10PM EST… so what if you made this weekend a Jen Atkin / hair accessories weekend? Get as loud as you can about our hair accessories – I bet TONS of our customers don’t even know we have hair accessories! Or how about the people who ignore our posts because they don’t wear jewelry??

• have a friend who is a hair stylist? Ask her to be a hostess online or in person and focus only on hair bling! Do it online this weekend! I’ll help!!
• go live on Facebook demonstrating which pieces you have (if you have any) and talk about the versatility of the others! I’m looking at you Michelle Phillips + wishbone pins. 😎 Even if you’ve already done it – do it again!! Show how the bead + chain wraps can be a headband because I know you all have one of those!! I go live about the bun cuff like once/season and I always sell a few after I do!!
• Share real life pics of the hair accessories – I snagged some from the merchandiser community photo album on the website and shared some of mine in this post but there are a billion more!!!
• share videos on instagram – people love videos!! If you’re into instagram, take advantage of the “story” feature and fill it with hair accessories info!
• set up your display in a salon if you already have a few hair accessories to highlight/demo…. or, starting reaching out about those possible partnerships this weekend and place an order of hair bling after you secure the partnership!!!!
• share pics of women with hair of all lengths, textures, ages, etc so people can see there is something for everyone!

I could go on and on haha. What are your ideas? Share below! Sometimes I think people get overwhelmed in my popups – so many choices and they don’t know what to order. I’m going to try to be a lot more specialized in being loud about certain categories of things at a time. You don’t need to own a ton of the hair accessories to really promote them. All I have is a rose gold bun cuff and rose gold pins! #alltherosegold

Hair accessories images here: https://www.chloeandisabel.com/marketing-center/social?types=Hair+Accessories



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