Support from Friends & Family

One of the most common lines I hear as a leader, “my friends and family don’t have any money to spend on jewelry”.

It be disheartening, sure. You launch your business. You’re positive your closest friends and family are going to be the first to rush to your boutique to make their purchase. You share your link on Facebook and… nothing. Maybe you book a pop-up and all your closest friends are invited and no one participates. It hurts. It doesn’t feel like support.

Support from those closest to you can appear in many different ways. It can look like many different things, other than making a purchase. Talk with your friends and family about how they can support you in ways other than making purchases – that can sometimes help your business even more long term.

One of the best ways to connect with those closest to you is to really share the details of why you joined Chloe + Isabel. People like to support stories and sharing your “C+I Why” helps people connect to your business on a personal level.

Ways I tell my friends and family they can support me:

  • Think of my business when their friends/family are getting ready for special events
  • Connect me with brides
  • Gift ideas
  • Follow my social media accounts
  • Tag their friends on my social media accounts
  • Host a pop-up
  • Take a catalog to their office/nail salon/hair girl/etc.
  • Help connect me with potential hostesses
  • Keep my business in mind when they hear about cool vendor events in our area

Your personal network, your friends and family, aren’t going to be the ones to carry your business month to month. You have to get out there and expand your network in other ways too. Don’t discount your friends and family though, for all of the support they can offer even if it looks different than sales.



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