The Academy

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One of the best tools when you are a new merchandiser, is the Academy. I know that learning all of the information can be totally overwhelming. There is so much to learn! BUT it is all right here, in the academy trainings (you can even search for things!) and you always have our team too if you can’t find something (feel free to post on our group page!).

A few things to know about the academy trainings:

  • Listen while you wash dishes, fold laundry, are in the car, etc. if you don’t feel like you need to be taking notes. They are listen-only so you just get to absorb knowledge.
  • SO many of your questions can be answered there. Also, you can easily go back and re-reference info. I have been a merchie for almost 2 years and I still go back for refresher courses in the Academy and continue to learn!

You can always text me with questions, anytime.


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