What Makes a Great Hostess

In my experience as a merchandiser, these are some of the things that I have noticed that make up a great hostess! A lot of the qualities are the same for online and in-person hostess success. What have you found that has made a great hostess?

11401021_10204602358115777_6214786079636279483_n spoil

  1. Outgoing. Isn’t afraid to talk to people or put herself out there.
  2. Connected. Has a great network of friends and family but also isn’t shy about reaching out to people outside of her network.
  3. Loves C+I. Encourage your hostess to make a wishlist so that she feels motivated by all of the hostess rewards she is going to get. I love when my hostess posts selfies too and shares her love of the jewelry!
  4. Is engaged. The best hostesses (especially online!) are engaged in the pop-up. Showing guests jewelry, going the extra mile to tell someone to try something on, tagging people in posts, sharing her excitement!
  5. Plans ahead. Spread the word about her pop-up even before the day gets here so her friends/family/coworkers are excited!

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