Shout Out Your Business! (email template)

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Sample email to send to friends and family to shout out your business! Be sure to personalize it in a way that sounds like “you”, and include an image and your boutique link! Make it easy for them to support you! Also, this is a great time to book a few of your first hostesses!

Hello friends/family[you can send emails as a group but I recommend sending individual ones!]
I wanted to share my latest endeavor with you. I took a big risk and launched my own jewelry business through a company called Chloe + Isabel! I have always been passionate about fashion and I decided that I am at a point in my life where I am ready and excited to do something about it!
You can check out my boutique here: [insert your boutique link here]
insert something personal about how things are going with you, ask a few questions about how things are going with them… etc.
I hope everything is well with you! So are you up for being my first sale on this crazy new adventure!? Are you shopping for any birthdays/holidays right now? Also, if you are falling in love with multiple pieces I’d love for you to be my first hostesses and you can earn tons of free jewelry! The rewards are incredible! Let’s set a date!
Thanks in advance!
your name

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