Why ‘The Movement’


I thought I’d share a little bit on what I chose our team name to be “The Movement”. I went through a lot of options. We were encouraged as leaders to connect our team name to our values and that is what led me to “The Movement”. The following words are values that I believe in and hope that our team is centered around: adventure, energy, community, enthusiasm, support.
Additionally, I feel my best when I am moving forward. I love to run. I love to set high goals for myself. I love to support others in reaching their goals. I believe in order to smash goals, we have to keep moving forward.
On another note, I am involved with a community called The Niche Movement, which has taught me a lot about finding the work that I love. Life is too short not to love your job, and Chloe + Isabel has taught me so much about what makes me happy and what I am looking for in a career.

And so, the name “The Movement” was born. Keep moving forward ladies and welcome to The Movement. xo


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