Mystery Hostess Events

Good times to do a Mystery Hostess Event:

  • your launch party
  • your re-launch party (took a break from c+i for a bit and want to get back into it)
  • big sales
  • when you don’t have a hostess
  • to highlight certain collections (hair accessories, birthstone pieces, etc.)

One thing I would suggest to EVERYONE on our team is HOST YOUR OWN ONLINE EVENT!!! It’s completely up to you if you want to do a full on mystery hostess where one winner takes all, or a multiple winner giveaway (I like the second because more people win!) and on how entries are counted, I’ll post a few ways I’ve done it in the past below for you to see!

**Remember to book this event with an alternate email account of yours to get the hostess credits!**

Example of earning entries and post wording:
Welcome to my VIP Giveaway Event!! <insert something about why you’re doing this event – annouce your business, the semi-annual sale is here, just for fun, because there is a blizzard outside… etc.>  I want to do a fun VIP Giveaway for my fabulous VIP’s!! Join me during this fun 5 day shopping event where I share my favorite looks of the season and give you first sneak peeks on pieces included in the sale! Read on how you can all have a chance at winning 6 fabulous prizes!

For everyone who shops during my VIP Giveaway Event, there are multiple ways to WIN!
Every order=1 entry
Spend $50= 3 entries
Spend $100=5 entries + FREE shipping
Spend $125=6 entries + FREE shipping
Spend $150=8 entries + FREE shipping
Spend $200=12 entries + FREE shipping
BONUS: Anyone who invites a friend will receive a BONUS entry when BOTH of you shop the event!

Example of how to break up prizes:
We will be having 6 lucky winners during this VIP event! Take a look at all of the fabulous prizes below:
1 Morningtide Convertible Statement Necklace  <this piece would change based on whatever the 1K incentive is for the month!>
2 $100 Shopping Spree’s
1 $50 Shopping Spree
1 Pair of Studs (you’ll get these free from booking your event from another pop up–if you don’t have a pop up to book from, then don’t include this)
1 (full price) Piece 50% off
***ANYONE who books a future event for this Spring will be given a pair of studs for FREE when you book during this event!!!***
*Prizes subject to event sales, if pop up reaches a lower or higher threshold prizes will be adjusted as needed*

^^^I include the above statement, because prizes are based off of a $1k pop up, if they are lower or higher I either add or take away shopping spree’s—What’s nice about this is I can “cheer” them on to higher pop ups without sounding too “sales-y” Ex: “We are SO close to adding another $50 shopping spree to the giveaway!! So exciting!! The next order will be entered to win it!”–>Something to that effect.

Make sense?!




So Much Thankful

Saturday thoughts 💓💓 SO DAMN THANKFUL.

These dainty bracelets came in the mail today and omg I’m never taking them off.

Also, a friend of mine from high school text me 📲today asking about becoming a merchandiser and it made me think about a few things….

1. I LOVE YOU ALL. Our little team is so much fun and I really love how supportive you all are of one another. #candithemovement
2. I LOVE THIS COMPANY AND COMMUNITY. How cool that we are so different than other direct sales companies. That we empower and support one another. 👯 I love how when I moved to Fresno I thought, I wonder what other merchies live here – not because competition crossed my mind but because I knew they’d be instant friends!! #candifamily
3. OUR INCENTIVES. I was telling my friend about how much this company spoils us with jewelry credit and incentives and wow. I love that we earn free jewelry credit to invest back into our businesses and we get paid!!! #candispoiled
4. THE FLEXIBILITY. I run my business while also having a fun time career. Many of you have careers and kids! Some of you are stay at home moms. Some of you aspire to stay at home and c+i is your means to make that happen. This opportunity allows us to do all that! #candiwhy
5. THE KICK-ASS STARTER KIT. All that for $175 🎉Whatttttt! I’m sharing this pic in case you ever have someone asking about being a merchie – you can search “starter kit” in this group and it’ll popup. #candimerchie

End rant. Thanks for always listening ❤️❤️ ((hugs))

Finding a Hostess

Ready to pop-up but having trouble securing a hostess??

This Pop-up Host Brainstorm Worksheet has worked for me many times. I challenge you to print it out and use a pen and fill it out by hand. It makes all the difference and I can usually come up with at least 3-5 more people to reach out to after taking 5 minutes to really do this worksheet.

Let me know how it works for you!

Hostess Brainstorming Worksheet

Can you do me a favor?

Growing up my dad always told us 2 things.

  1.  work hard and be nice
  2. if you want someone to like you, ask them to do you a favor

I haven’t really put a ton of thought into the second one but today, it kinda clicked. People like to feel helpful. People like to be appreciated.

How does this apply?

It can help with the ask!

  • Can you do me a favor and tell me your 5 favorite pieces from our new spring collection? I want to add to my display.
  •  I recently started my own jewelry business, could you do me a favor and let me practice my pitch on you?
  • I’m really trying to get the word out about my new adventure. Could you do me a favor and be my first hostess?
  • Could you do me a favor and give 3 of your friends my business card?
  • Could you do me a favor and take a selfie in your new pieces?
  • Could you do me a favor and let me know what you think about this business partnership idea I have?

You get the gist. Asking people for a favor is humble. It shows that you care a lot about your business. It gives you a chance to thank them afterward. Ask someone for a favor today! And remember, we are all going to hear “no” sometimes but we can’t let that stop us from asking!!

Wrapping Up Online Pop-Ups

Hilda asked about strategies and creating urgency at the end of online pop-ups.

  • I love to use countdown posts like “5 hours left to order” with a eye-catching image.
  • Another thing I”ll do is say “<hostess name> is only 2 pairs of studs away from the next level of hostess rewards! Who is going to bump her to the next level!?”
  • Also, I usually play this “game” the last day and I feel like it creates good vibes and warm&fuzzies about the hostess and I’ll say “comment below with something you love about <hostess name> as the text and then I post this image:

The fortune is in the follow up!
I mostly check in with the hostess and put it on her to get to that next level, whatever it is. Usually I suggest things like showing friends at work, emailing people who might not be on facebook, etc. sometimes they’ll place an order in their own party to get themselves there. I also reminder her that her link is “magic” and she can share it with whoever she wants however she wants and anyone who shops using it earns her rewards. Thats why I usually shorten the link using so it’s easier for the hostess to share/remember.

A Hair Accessories Weekend

I was on the phone with Lindsay Marie Anderson last night and we were talking about how there are soo many collections and it’s hard to know what to highlight or what that popup is going to go crazy over. (Good problem to have, right!) I once had a popup where after I posted about birthstone rings, that’s all anyone ordered haha!

The new Jen Atkin pieces launch on 3/13/17 TUESDAY AT 10PM EST… so what if you made this weekend a Jen Atkin / hair accessories weekend? Get as loud as you can about our hair accessories – I bet TONS of our customers don’t even know we have hair accessories! Or how about the people who ignore our posts because they don’t wear jewelry??

• have a friend who is a hair stylist? Ask her to be a hostess online or in person and focus only on hair bling! Do it online this weekend! I’ll help!!
• go live on Facebook demonstrating which pieces you have (if you have any) and talk about the versatility of the others! I’m looking at you Michelle Phillips + wishbone pins. 😎 Even if you’ve already done it – do it again!! Show how the bead + chain wraps can be a headband because I know you all have one of those!! I go live about the bun cuff like once/season and I always sell a few after I do!!
• Share real life pics of the hair accessories – I snagged some from the merchandiser community photo album on the website and shared some of mine in this post but there are a billion more!!!
• share videos on instagram – people love videos!! If you’re into instagram, take advantage of the “story” feature and fill it with hair accessories info!
• set up your display in a salon if you already have a few hair accessories to highlight/demo…. or, starting reaching out about those possible partnerships this weekend and place an order of hair bling after you secure the partnership!!!!
• share pics of women with hair of all lengths, textures, ages, etc so people can see there is something for everyone!

I could go on and on haha. What are your ideas? Share below! Sometimes I think people get overwhelmed in my popups – so many choices and they don’t know what to order. I’m going to try to be a lot more specialized in being loud about certain categories of things at a time. You don’t need to own a ton of the hair accessories to really promote them. All I have is a rose gold bun cuff and rose gold pins! #alltherosegold

Hair accessories images here:


C+I Why

Have you spent time defining your C+I Why? Do you share your why with your customers, family, and friends? It is a powerful part of your business that will help you reach goals and connect with your network.


If you haven’t already, I’d love for you to share your why with our team here. You can put your name on it, or you can leave it blank. I love hearing how we all ended up on this journey together and I think it’s cool to read one another’s why’s!


Under the Academy, it is a great deal to refresh your C+I why often! It is okay if it changes. You can do that here:

Support from Friends & Family

One of the most common lines I hear as a leader, “my friends and family don’t have any money to spend on jewelry”.

It be disheartening, sure. You launch your business. You’re positive your closest friends and family are going to be the first to rush to your boutique to make their purchase. You share your link on Facebook and… nothing. Maybe you book a pop-up and all your closest friends are invited and no one participates. It hurts. It doesn’t feel like support.

Support from those closest to you can appear in many different ways. It can look like many different things, other than making a purchase. Talk with your friends and family about how they can support you in ways other than making purchases – that can sometimes help your business even more long term.

One of the best ways to connect with those closest to you is to really share the details of why you joined Chloe + Isabel. People like to support stories and sharing your “C+I Why” helps people connect to your business on a personal level.

Ways I tell my friends and family they can support me:

  • Think of my business when their friends/family are getting ready for special events
  • Connect me with brides
  • Gift ideas
  • Follow my social media accounts
  • Tag their friends on my social media accounts
  • Host a pop-up
  • Take a catalog to their office/nail salon/hair girl/etc.
  • Help connect me with potential hostesses
  • Keep my business in mind when they hear about cool vendor events in our area

Your personal network, your friends and family, aren’t going to be the ones to carry your business month to month. You have to get out there and expand your network in other ways too. Don’t discount your friends and family though, for all of the support they can offer even if it looks different than sales.


The Academy

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 10.41.58 AM

One of the best tools when you are a new merchandiser, is the Academy. I know that learning all of the information can be totally overwhelming. There is so much to learn! BUT it is all right here, in the academy trainings (you can even search for things!) and you always have our team too if you can’t find something (feel free to post on our group page!).

A few things to know about the academy trainings:

  • Listen while you wash dishes, fold laundry, are in the car, etc. if you don’t feel like you need to be taking notes. They are listen-only so you just get to absorb knowledge.
  • SO many of your questions can be answered there. Also, you can easily go back and re-reference info. I have been a merchie for almost 2 years and I still go back for refresher courses in the Academy and continue to learn!

You can always text me with questions, anytime.

Pop-up Themes

I love good pop-up theme ideas, cutesy names, fun decor, etc! I want to hear yours too! What themes have you used at pop-ups that have been successful? Everyone loves a good theme party! You can even do online pop-ups with themes!

More ideas here: Pop-up Shop Themes Ideas
& be sure to check out the pop-up marketing images here.

Things to think about:

  • Time of year/season
  • Age range of guests
  • Any new collections you are highlighting?
  • Any certain deal you are highlighting?